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Professional Disinfecting & Sanitizing Services

Sanitizing & disinfecting your home or office is a difficult task to tackle on your own. There are specific dwell times for over the counter products that almost never get reached. Imagine knowing that there is a virus the size of the tip of a pin somewhere in your home or business that you cannot physically wipe. Scrubbing every square inch of your house or commercial facilities may be a nearly impossible task. With our dry fog system, it is not only possible, but very simple and fast.

People who have serious illness or disease will often experience a weakened immune system either from the illness itself or as a result of their medical treatment. This can cause serious complications when a person is exposed to common household bacteria and viruses. These small invisible enemies are nearly impossible to clean in every square inch of a home. Pure Maintenance has helped hundreds of people create a clean environment for people to live in. The miracle of dry fog has helped cancer patients from picking up secondary infections while undergoing treatment. Whether you are rehabilitating or just feel sick in your home, let Pure Maintenance give you a fresh start to a healthy life.

The Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is an “enveloped virus.” Both our InstaPURE and EverPURE solutions are sufficient to eradicate enveloped viruses and non-enveloped viruses like H1N1, avian flu, and noroviruses, and they require very little dwell time. An entire building can typically be treated in one day and provide safety for anyone worried about getting the virus. While preventative treatment of a facility will not prevent person-to-person infections and does not replace the need to wear a face mask and wash your hands, it will help prevent surface-to-person infections.

For additional peace of mind (and for a slight up-charge), we can follow our InstaPURE dry fog application with an additional EPA-registered N-List product wipedown for high-touch surfaces for, then cap it all off with the application of EverPURE, a low-level disinfectant with electrostatic antimicrobial properties. We call this three-step process the “VIRUS SCRUB.”

With our revolutionary Dry Fog technology, we are able to reach and treat every hard to reach space of your home. This ensures that no virus or harmful mold spore is missed. For homes with elderly, sick or individuals with compromised immune systems, this is a treatment health conscious families shouldn’t go without.


  1. The product should be an EPA-registered, hospital/healthcare or broad-spectrum disinfectant with directions for use on hard, porous or non-porous surfaces.
  2. The currently accepted product label (from an EPA registered product as described above should have disinfectant efficacy claims against at least one of the following viral pathogen groupings:
    • A product should be approved by EPA to inactivate at least one large or one small non-enveloped virus to be eligible for use against an enveloped emerging viral pathogen.
    • A product should be approved by EPA to inactivate at least one small, non-enveloped virus to be eligible for use against a large, non-enveloped emerging viral pathogen.
    • A product should be approved by EPA to inactivate at least two small, non-enveloped viruses to be eligible for use against a small, non-enveloped emerging viral pathogen.

InstaPURE is already on the N-List for SARS-CoV-2. EverPURE qualifies under these EPA guidelines according to verified research and their label claims, but are still in the months-long process of being added to the N-List for SARS-CoV-2 and having the EPA master label appropriately updated.

Below you can find all of the resource material referenced in the guidelines.

For further research on disrupting an enveloped virus, visit Flagship IncH1N1 Study, and PAA Bacteria and Virus Testing

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